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Gas Mask Buyer Tips: Whether you purchase through us or someone else, here are a
few tips that may help you cut through all the marketing hype & get right to the bottom line.
The truth about surplus masks: Many models of surplus masks & filters are available in nearly unlimited quantities at low prices. In most cases, these prices are low because the mask is
either obsolete, recalled or replaced due to design flaws or defective components.
Before buying a surplus mask, do your homework, take time to review recalled gas mask
models. Here are a few of the most widely advertised surplus masks that should be avoided:

Russian Gas Mask
Unless you are assembling your
Halloween costume, avoid this ineffective mask. Although the $19 price tag is
enticing, this mask is 30+ years old &
does NOT provide NBC protection.
EVAC-U-8 Hood
Advertised by some unscrupulous
vendors for protection against NBC
agents, this mask is actually intended
for smoke/fire protection. Recall info
27,400+ have been recalled. MORE...
Canadian M69 C-3 & C-4
The entire Canadian military has
removed the C3 from service (replaced
by a completely different model,
the C4 - also defective) The C3 60mm
filter port does not accept NATO
threaded filters without plastic adapter.
If you own or intend to purchase one of these masks, YOU WILL have NO protection against ANY form of attack. They offer NO protection against: NBC -Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical agents.
Many offer NO protection against even tear gas! Also old,(even sealed) filters may become toxic
Israeli Military M-15 NBC Gas Mask
MASK: Israeli Military M15, Civilian Adult and Child
STATUS: EFFECTIVE only when within expiration
DETAILS: The Israeli masks are actually the single widest used model in the world and are highly effective but only when certain criteria are met; the mask must be within it's 20year lifespan (most are not), must have the valves and seals thoroughly inspected, and must be used with a new, current production filter. We occasionally obtain a shipment of brand new 2003 Israeli masks, which are the only Israeli masks that should be trusted.

MASK: Canadian C-4 Protective Mask (C-3 is even older)
DETAILS: Around 30K defective and rejected masks in circulation, commonly found for sale on ebay, and only defective ones have been sold as surplus. There were several problems plaguing the production run but the most common is the wrong adhesive was used to assemble the voicemitters and valves. This results in the adhesive prematurely drying out and the mask literally falling apart. These green-faced masks are on eBay all the time being sold to unsuspecting bidders. A serviceable, current-production, green-faced C4 is about as difficult to find as anything could be. And there are none that have been legally released by the Canadian military.

MASK: Russian/German M-10-M Protective Mask
DETAILS: Very old model. This type of protective mask should NEVER be used for protecting against any NBC warfare agents.
USAGE: Designed ONLY for protection against tear-gas.
(These will most likely not provide this protection as they
are ALL more than 20 years expired)

MASK: Russian M41 Aardvark Protective Mask
Complete waste of money. These Russian masks are a triumph in the world of completely useless gas masks, possibly the worst mask still being sold by unscrupulous surplus stores & internet vendors.
USAGE: Russian / Outdated (over 20-30 years old) could be used as a Halloween costume or conversation piece but it will provide 0% protection.

MASK: Russian SMS Snorkel Protective Mask
Complete waste of money. These Russian masks are another triumph in the world of completely useless gas masks, possibly the worst mask still being sold by unscrupulous surplus stores & Internet vendors.
USAGE: Russian/ Outdated (over 20-30 years old) could be used as a Halloween costume or conversation piece but it will provide 0% protection.

MASK: M9 or M9A1 Protective Masks
STATUS: OBSOLETE/ineffective (made in the 50's)
Uses a 60 mm threaded filter which is very hard to find with a modern & effective filter.
USAGE: Tear Gas, Not used since 1960ís, these will provide NO protection, as they are 40+ years

FILTER: WEST GERMAN (various model #ís)
This filter is rated at 99.9% HEPA filtration and prior to expiration would be effective against P100 (small particles) agents. Examples: Tear Gas, Unmodified Simple Anthrax & other other non-micronized biological agents. Ineffective against ALL chemical warfare agents.
USAGE: German mfg. for riot & tear gas protection. Manufactured prior to 1980, all lots are EXPIRED.

FILTER: AMERICAN M-9 (circa 1940) 60 mm threaded filter
Common American issue. (Most from the 50's)
USAGE: US issue during prior to 1950. Use of this filter is highly discouraged, it provides 0% protection and may be toxic on it's own

FILTER: AMERICAN C2 (check exp. date) & C2A1
STATUS: EXPIRED -If more than 10 years old
** (old filters are known to have Chromium Toxicity
** and are considered highly dangerous)

To find out if your filter is expired, you must find the printed date of manufacture. Look for the serial number on the can: For Example: RFT 920000CF24054 (sample serial #) (first 2
digits are the year of manufacture) In this example the mfg date:
RFT [92] is 1992 These are 100% military surplus filters. The
military discontinued use of the C2 in favor of the new/better
C2A1 filters. But Caution: C2A1 filters provide no protection
against ammonia based agents.
USAGE: Obsolete/US Military Surplus only. Recommended to upgrade to a MSA or M95 filter( the same threads/mask fitting). Both protect against all NBC agents and are 100% current issue / used in federal agencies, etc.
AGM supplies hundreds of Police Departments and Fortune 500 companies with gas masks, gas mask filters, and all types of survival gear from NBC protective suits to Potassium Iodide and medical kits. Before you purchase a cheap, used mask take a look at our new masks from MSA, SGE and more. Many popular civilian gas masks are modeled after military units, like the MSA Advantage 1000. We offer brand new military masks like the MSA Millennium. For complete Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection we have new and surplus NBC suits, hoods, gloves, boots and more. Order online or call AGM anytime for all your safety supplies.

Before you buy a worthless $50 surplus mask, read information and warnings here!
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