Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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Experts recommend a minimum of two weeks food supply per person (3 a day = 42 meals)
We recommend our half pallet, you pay only $4.86 each and will receive a 24 day
supply for a family of four (3 meals a day). And don't forget about water purification.

MRE Meals Ready To Eat
MRE's (Meals-Ready-To-Eat)
At the top of the survival kit gear is water and food.
While these MRE's aren't highly prized for their flavor,
it'll be the best thing you ever had if you're starving.
Randomly selected menues include:
#1: Pork Patties #2: Ham & Chicken Loaf or Corned
Beef Hash #3: Beef Patties or Chicken Stew
#4: Beef Slices in BBQ Sauce or Omelet with Ham.
#5: Beef Stew. #6: Frankfurters or Chicken Al La King.
#7: Beef Stew or Turkey Diced with Gravy.
#8: Ham Slice or Beef Diced with Gravy.
#9: Cooked Beef or Chicken Al La King.
#10: Meatballs and BBQ Sauce or Tuna with Noodles.
#11: Chicken and Rice or Ham Slices.
#12: Beef Ground with Spiced Sauce or Chicken Loaf.
Individual meals with accessories packet (silverware).
Note: appearance may vary- clear or brown pouches.
MRE shelf life - Shelf life of an average of 96 months when stored at an optimum 50 degrees F or less. Due to
temperature variations that occur in the facilities where MREs are stored it is often impossible to determine actual shelf-life.
Shelf life is more predictable where a climate controlled environment is maintained throughout the entire life of the product.
MREs should NOT be stored at temperatures under 40*F due to possible reduction in quality. Frozen storage is not
recommended as rough handling of a frozen package can result in broken seals and food spoilage.
Meals-Ready to-Eat are back in stock and as low as $4.77 each!

1 Case (12 meals - only $5.79ea): $69.50 - Add to Cart
4 Cases (48 meals - only $5.41ea): $259.50 - Add to Cart
12 Cases (144 meals - only $5.13ea): $738.50 - Add to Cart
1/2 Pallet (24 cases/288 meals - only $4.86ea): $1398.50 - Add to Cart
Full Pallet (48 cases/576 meals - only $4.77 each): $2749.00 - Add to Cart
** There is a $6.95 heavy weight shipping surcharge per case

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