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Hellstorm Special Operations Goggle

The lens is shatterproof polycarbonate that meets world-wide safety standards with ANSI rating: ANSI Z280.3, AS1067, EN1836.These SO tactical goggles are constructed of soft urethane which stays flexible in extreme cold conditions. The dual lens system has an anti-fog impregnated acetate inner lens and a shatterproof polycarbonate outer lens designed with an innovative upper and lower ventilation system for fog-free use. These durable goggles can handle any abuse! Micro cellular face foam for comfort with adjustable strap and interchangeable / replaceable lens.
They sport 100% UVA, UVB and Infra-Red protection.
Comes with a clear lens, smoke lens available.

Hellstorm 8118 Special Operations Goggle
Black frame / Clear lens $64.75 - Add to Cart
Smoke-Grey lens $22.50 - Add to Cart

Optional smoke or grey tinted replacement lens attaches easily to the Hellstorm goggles

Hellstrom Special Operations Goggle for SWAT police and military applications
Tactical goggles - Hellstorm Special Operations 8118
The following tests of the HellStorm Spec-Ops Goggles were performed by specific units of the U.S. Army:
Testing from the SHOT show. "range house environment" results:
1. Simmunitions, MP5, 2 rounds, 20 ft = no effect to lense, but the nose piece came disconnected from the lense.
2. Simmunitions, MP5, 2 rounds, 10 ft = 2 cracks on inner lense near the vent holes, and 1 crack on inner lense from vent hole towards cheek, approx. 1" in length.
I firmly believe that the goggles would protect an individual from close range Simms shots to the eyes. I am trying to put your product in a situtation that could happen and let you know the results, in hope that it will assist you in development. I have used many of your products and have nothing but praise for them. I have been wearing these goggles since the SHOT show and have had no problems with fogging. They are very comfortable and fit my face perfectly.

Explosives Exposure Results:
Explosive breach #1 - Hollow core door, external breach with overhead cover. Charge: 84" C-2 Rigid 28 Net Explosive wt.
Conditions- 12' from charge at a 45 degree angle, 4' off the ground. Results- no effect to lenses.

Explosive breach #2- Hollow core door, external breach with overhead cover. Charge: 84" C-2 Rigid .28 Net Explosive wt.
Conditions- 12 ' from charge at a 0 degree angle, 4' off the ground Results- no effects to lenses

Shot gun test - Benelli M-1, 12 gauge, 14" barrel, 9 shot, 1 1/8 oz
#1- 25 meters- 4 pellets hit the lenses with no penetration
#2- 20 meters- 6 pellets hit the lenses with no penetration, 1 pellet broke lenses, 5 cracked
#3- 15 meters- 12 pellets hit lenses, 1 pellet penetrated to the face, a piece of the inner lense came apart from the rest of the lenses (approx size of half a dime). Note: Penetration from 15 meter test could have come from the compromise of the 20 meter test, since the pellet that penetrated was in close proximity to the crack caused by the 20 meter test. Summary: I am very impressed with the performance of these goggles!

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