Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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SafeRoom 8/18 Installation:
1. Locate and cut the intake vent hole through the shelter/safe room wall insuring that there is an electrical power source within the range of the power cord length.
A. Minimum diameter of 6.75-inch/172-mm
B. Minimum height location as to insure that the intake vent is located at least 24-inch/600-mm above any outside flat surface.
2. Layout and drill holes for lug Flange Disc, taking care to insure that the Flange Disc & the hole pattern is centered over the intake vent hole.
3. Drive the respective lug bolt anchors into their respective holes.
4. Apply a liberal amount of caulking compound to the mating side of the Disc-mounting flange.
5. Secure the Disc Flange and wall bracket and tighten
6. Mount the filtration unit into the wall bracket
7. Remove the plastic port plugs from the filtration unit and install the intake hose between the Disc Flange and the intake side of the filtration unit.

Overpressure Valve Installation:
1. Locate and cut the exhaust vent hole through the shelter wall Minimum diameter of 3-inch/76-mm.
2. Layout and drill holes for lug bolt anchors taking care to insure that the overpressure valve hole pattern is centered over the exhaust vent hole.
3. Drive the respective lug bolt anchors into their respective holes.
4. Apply a liberal amount of caulking compound to the mating side of the overpressure valve mounting flange.
5. Secure the overpressure valve and tighten the anchor bolts to their rated torque using a cross torque pattern.

Electrical power
1. Connect the power cord to the control panel power socket and plug into a working power source, switch on the lighted power switch.
Automatic battery back up:
2. Connect the battery jumpers to the control panel battery socket and connect the clip leads to a 12-volt battery/ 65Amp+.
A. Make sure the positive clip lead (+) is to the positive post of the battery (+). (Readand understand the caution below)
B. Switch on the lighted power switch. If necessary toggle the blower control push button to on so that the system is running.
Allowing the battery jumper clip leads to cross while connected to the control panel battery socket will burn the 8-amp fuse.
Use only sealed unvented batteries / Or Deep circle/Dry Sealed Bateries are recommended.

Hand Operated Bellow:
The SafeRoom 8/18 hand operated bellows with an output is 50-m³/1766 ft³ pr/hr at 50 strokes per/min. Physical size: 304-mm/12-inch diameter, having a 179-mm/7-inch stroke.
The procedure is to remove the filtration unit from its quick disconnect wall brackets and install the manual pump will quick couple directly to the top of the filtration unit. This places the pumps operating handle at waist height for sustained hand pumping operation.

Overpressure valve:
The Overpressure Valve has two functions:
1. It creates an overpressure in the shelter by adding the proper resistance to the outgoing airflow. The valve is normally closed and will not open unless the air pressure inside the shelter is greater than the outside air pressure.
2. It automatically closes when a positive pressure wave from an explosion or wind exceeds the internal pressure of the shelter. When the outside air pressure returns to normal the overpressure valve automatically returns to its open state.

Positive Over-Pressure Test:
Check and make sure the shelter is sealed/closed.
After turning the system ON, wait approximatly 10-15 minutes & then check that the Over-Pressure valve LATEX Foil is going flapping up and down. If it is not, wait and recheck at 5 minute intervals

Note: It is recommended that the port plugs be left in the filtration unit until time of use to increase the life of the activated carbon & the HEPA Filter as well.


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